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# 1 Missing Torso Skin Textures
10-12-2012, 01:12 PM
Hey guys,

I logged in today on my gaming machine and noticed that my Bolian (not pictured!) character's torso's skin was all black, and kind of leathery. I shrugged this off and went off to play my STF's assuming it was a one off glitch.

I've logged in on both my account and that of my wife, and have also worked on seperate computers at different graphical settings and it still persists.

I've also tried going to the tailor, changing the outfit, and changing it back to try and reset it.

It affects all of our toons, appears the same across different maps, and nothing seems to solve it.

Anyone got any ideas?

I should clarify on character selection and tailor it doesn't appear to be a problem, only when playing in game.

Pictures for reference:
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