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10-12-2012, 02:26 PM
Originally Posted by jengoz View Post
I found this article on a site about game design. It was from a panel talking about F2P design. They talked about some points that worry me about the current state of online gaming.
you can find the whole article here.

While, I can see the F2P saved STO from being closed down last year, I just worry that in reality it is just ?boiling the frog.?
I'd love to see the whole panel - these little soundbites lack context, responses, etc. That said, we'll see. Granted, the frog-boiling seems more like the Facebook games I've seen, spamming up the news feed.

Well,that's where the random events come in,it can block the most efficient route and force the player(s) to rethink their options.Random events combined with multiple paths,that produce different worthwhile rewards based on the mission outcome....yeah,people will keep playing that content.A huge problem with STO is that the missions are waaaay to linear,in most cases there is only one way of completing the mission.People don't have to think,it's all point,click,shoot and move on to the next point,click and shoot mission.
Yeah, but the trick being not everyone plays for the same reasons, or have the same motivation for playing 100% of the time. Definitely one of those Bartle Test moments, you know?
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