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1. I do wish to thank you and Brandon for bieng the most helpful and active devs to post.
2. I feel you guys do listen to the communitee but Im going to tell you why that can be a bad thing.
  • COmmunitee doesn't know what they need or want half the time
  • Players are never happy, see reason above
  • changing pvp skills need to give at least a week for people to try stuff out, let them get into thier confort zone.
  • you guys should let the tribble see more action on these changes(hopefully people test them)
  • as a business guy my self just make sure you dont post any mis information, these players will eat you up.
  • get zombie surving kit and make sure you are ready.
  • Take a break once in awhile and relax.

in closing thank you and Brandon for being active and letting us know stuff, but please remember you gotta take a look from developers view and a players view.

Keep Up Good Work.

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