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Originally Posted by aethon3050 View Post
I soooo want to throw rocks. I'd pay for it if I had to. This would be so awesome for ISE..."Why do you continue to resist us? We only want to raise the quality of life for all-" *SMASH*
Oh yes, the ability t o hurl the secenary at hte enemy. Trouble i with out a re-trait optin ts a bit mute... unless theys stick it on a Gorn only tactical kit, as part of our Gorn set

I wonder what other abilities we could put on this Gorn kit

Throw rock: works a bit like a pulsewave
Didn't the Gorn use some sort of artillery in th TOS episode to blow up the settlement
Swipe (Cone AOE Melee knock back
Grapple: Single target exploit attack

Just going by the combat moves from The TOS episode, where hte Gron is shown swiping his arms at kirk and giving him a hug.
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10-13-2012, 01:34 AM
If minor KDF species are not important enough (like whole KDF???) for an overhaul, it would be nice to get at least some c-store packs for them. Including bridges, clothing, weapons etc. like the DS9/Enterprise bundles. I never changed the models of my Gorn, as i like the TOS style a bit more than the updated. So i would love to see a TOS Costume option for Gorn and let me throw rocks too pls. Darn but Orions and Nausicaans need definately some love too!

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