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I have an idea for a mission which will involve a court martial proceeding, with a few admirals acting as judges. I could just come up with a few more admirals myself, but I figured some of you might have characters you'd be willing to share.

Here are the details. The admirals will be playing relatively minor roles, so it's basically a cameo role. If they do end up saying anything, I will respect your guidelines in regards to how they speak, demeanor, etc. Or, if you want, I can allow you to either approve whatever dialogue I provide for them, or allow you to write it yourself. Like I said, their role will be minor, so this really shouldn't be a big problem.

The proceeding will be taking place either in the vicinity of ESD or DS9 (exact venue to be determined). So, keep that in mind in case your admiral wouldn't be found in either of those places.

If any of you are interested in helping out, what I need you to do is take a screen shot of the costume sliders for your admiral using FRAPS, the windows screen shot tool, etc (the in-game screen shot option will not capture the UI). If you just used the defaults for most of the body options, then I only need to see what actually needs to be changed (proper face, uniform, combadge, hair/skin/uniform color, etc).

In addition to that I also need you to provide some info about your admiral (attitude, basic background, specific guidelines on how they would act, etc). If you've featured the character in a mission of yours, I can also try to play it to get a better idea of how they act, as well (but I may or may not have time, depending).

I will also provide a mention of the mission or series where the admiral can be found, if you want (this would probably be at the end of the mission, but could be during it, if it isn't too obtrusive).

Anyway, if you're interested in helping out, and increasing the screen time of your admiral character, let me know. Otherwise I guess I'll just have to crank out a few more myself.

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