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Not entirely burned out on STO but I'd like to check out other sci-fi games out there just out of curiosity. I'm looking for something more ground oriented, but not necessarily a shooter (I've noticed there's a ton of sci-fi games that's all either space/mech combat, or strictly a shooter).

I was going to try to play Face of Mankind, I thought it looked interesting but I had trouble moving and the community and support isn't really helpful with helping me solve the problem.

Anyways, shoot me your suggestions and I'll try to give each of them a shot!
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10-14-2012, 02:21 AM
Hellgate: London, sci-fi-supernatural. all ground. several class types and skill trees within those classes. random gen dungeons/areas. melee, shooter, pet, 'magic' combat styles
Shin Megami Tenshi: sci-fi-supernatural, 'classless' skill system. similar combat styles as hellgate with a greater emphasis on pets
Battlestar Galactica Online>no ground, PvP, f2p but pay-to-win, browser based (unity engine full 3D)

haven't played:
Blacklight Retribution, currently open beta, also PWE game so no need to sign up.

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10-14-2012, 02:38 AM
Anarchy Online is an old sci fi MMORPG.. One of the first ones out (if not THE first one). The game's original content is free to play (and that was pretty large back in the day), but a subscription is required to play the expansion content.

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