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# 1 Vulcan Ship
10-14-2012, 07:01 AM
D'Kyr Support Craft:

Firstly I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Dev's for correcting the bug which prevented Federation Players from purchasing this craft in the Starship and Shuttle Requisitions area of Earth Space Dock.

Secondly I would like to start a petition for the Developers to re-look at the Vulcan D'Kyr and its support craft.

1) There is a visual bug when releasing the Support Craft from its docking cradle, and I believe this ruins the effect. It would be nice if the Developers could re-look at this and see if anything can be done?

2) The D'Kyr Support Craft cooldown timer seems to me to be a bit excessive, especially given the limited support this craft can actually give, most of the time especially in PvE it only lasts a minute or two before its destroyed. Therefore the time its active versus the time its inactive isn't balanced, its inactive for longer than its active ... I spend some of my time healing it to try and keep it alive for longer. Is it possible to reduce the cooldown for this Craft or enable the cooldown to start as soon as the Support Craft is deployed (see point 3)

3) D'Kyr Science Vessle, would it be possible for the this ship to have basic carrier commands such as the recall button and escort button?

4) Could we buff the D'kyr Support Craft, to enable it to last longer and be more useful, especially in huge PvE scenarios, such as Defending the Fleet Starbase. Maybe we could increase its sheild strength/hull strength and give it a better regen so it repairs itself of damage quicker? I would really love to use this little Support Craft more often, but most of the time I am supporting it (I assume by the design it was supposed to be the other way round). I really enjoy this ship overall, its one of my favourites in STO and I would really appreciate any Dev's feedback on the points raised above, even if its a no to all of them.

P.S. It would be really awsome if the points above could be looked at by the Devs, at the same time you are finally releasing the Andorian Combat Cruiser (escort).

Many thanks for a great game, and really hope a Dev can help/provide feedback.

Thank you, Ben

P.S.S. Would love to see the Sha'Ran Vulcan Class in STO one day!

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