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# 1 Lockbox Limerick Lovers
10-09-2012, 11:15 PM
Oh Im a tired olde lad
So busy at work im sad
Limericks gave me something to do
I?ve read them through and through
Now I don?t feel so bad
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# 2 Thank you all!!!
10-09-2012, 11:17 PM

Lockboxes are quite economical,
You can stuff in quantities astronomical,
So a question I submit,
How many Klingons could you fit,
Without it seeming too comical?


There once was a thing called a lockbox
They said the ship inside really rocks
But how to get it, I asked
Their answer left me aghast
A 1 in 200 chance, oh Cryptic, you clever fox

There once was a game about Star Trek
Built with technology exceeding that of a tape deck
With lockboxs a plenty
I just spent another twenty
I should simply write Cryptic a blank check

Inside my lockbox was a Tribble
Of my Feline Supplement 74 it ate just a nibble
But soon I had two
Then into millions it grew!
Alright, just a dozen, let's not quibble


There once was a lock box from STO
Which had a lid that just wouldn't blow
So to open it's top
Data took out a mop
And Picard with a yell said make it so.

There once was a lock box from STO
Which had a lid that just wouldn't blow
So to open its case
Data beamed it to space
And Picard said fire photon torpedoes

Lockboxes lockboxes lockboxes...they all love their lockboxes.
But what they dont know about their lockboxes, is that when you send an insane person to a lockbox, you're just sending him home!
The very place he knows best.
*(Maniac laugh)*
Seeing as I'm feeling generous, here's a free key!

There once was this guy from the Baltic
whose lack of luck gets dramatic
he was wishing so bad
that this Vessel he had
that this chance just made him ecstatic.


My hopes and dreams, like my old blue Jeans
now rest in a box with lock and a key,
now i don't have the key, yes, how poor of me,
but someday, I might get lucky.

I once was rich, but now live in a ditch,
because of you keys I've been sliced at the knees,
so now I am poor, and live on my floor,
I'm dime less, and yes, its happened before.

Every time i open a lox box i say a little prayer that goes something like this:
You wonderful box, be gentle to me,
give me your goodies, and wonderful toys,
i will cherish them always, like two little boys.
i love you doffs and much enjoy your lobis, but i have to say,
i would much prefer a mobius.


Lockboxes are truly fantastical
With prizes that are downright magical
With a ship to win
Sure I'll give it a spin
Sadly the odds are astronomical

I find it rather ironical
That my Lockbox is missing something so canonical
A Tribble to Win!
That would make me grin
Lockboxes stuffed with tribbles is only logical
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# 3 time to chat
10-09-2012, 11:40 PM
It is time to give out the prize
So hard to choose just one of you guys,
But one is the best
Its ahead of the rest
But for now it will remain a surprise.

i must touch base with my favourite before i say whose it is, if they permit me. That said, my largess will not be limited to just one. I would like to chat with several of you...
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# 4
10-10-2012, 01:02 AM
Good luck everyone.
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Last edited by arkatrix; 10-11-2012 at 04:56 AM.
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# 5
10-11-2012, 05:24 AM
Oh it's been fun
Good luck to everyone
The competition was hard
And God knows I'm no bard
But still, I hope I won
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# 6
10-11-2012, 05:49 AM
Oh No A Lockbox

Once there was a game,
where all the Klingons did blame,
the federation type,
with all of their might,
in PvP they did fight,

until set it stone,
the lockbox on his throne,
he gave us no reason,
to commit treason,
until there was a ship to be won,

Captains in their hundreds,
lined up with their credit card numbers,
to obtain a special key,
so that the Klingons would flee,
with a ship so grand,
paid with money in hand,

when the Klingons turned around,
lockboxes where suddenly bound,
all those in favour,
complained without flavour,
lobi crystals where created,
and so duely hated,
another shiny toy,
sealed within a ploy,

Oh No A Lockbox.
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# 7 hello
10-11-2012, 07:57 AM
The place where i work has been too busy lately. those of you who have limerick'ed add me in game @mbomber ; then i can respond in kind...
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# 8 i loved your other post too
10-11-2012, 06:25 PM
I had a chance before bed to read some of your other works. Great Stuff!!!
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# 9
10-14-2012, 07:42 AM
A lockbox is a fine thing,
More precious to me,
Than a diamond ring.

Though one thing is for certain,
When I pull back the curtain,
I want to find a Temporal Destroyer,
Or I?m hiring a Ferengi Lawyer.

I will use this ship,
To bring the Klingons pain,
And cast down upon them,
an antiproton rain.

I shall hang their ridges on my wall,
and make sure not to fall,
In the pile of their bestial remains,
That I keep next to my LCARS games.

The model of a Starfleet captain I am not,
I don?t even have a pale skinned robot,
What I do have however are proton torpedoes,
And I will aim them at Klingon Libidos.

So glory be,
Gift me with this ship,
I will even give you a modest tip.

But know this,
Before you do,
My name is @Clustyproton,
And im coming for you!
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# 10 blast
10-14-2012, 02:05 PM
there is some silly paypal limit now that will keep them from letting me buy zen until i send them ID. im not sure if this is some new Japanese rule or not but i will try to deal with it soon

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