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10-14-2012, 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
Compared to canons their junk. without skill points they do MARKEDLY less DPS than a DHC in their place. To suggest otherwise just shows you don;t actually pay attention to your gear.

Also cannons have equal damage modifiers vs sheilds and hull, (100% as fa as i can tell), which is the same as torps vs hull. But the cannons do more sheild damage. It's a no brainer. (on my KD toon a photon torp is 523DPS, a Dual cnanon 600DPS, both MK X whites, and this is without MKXII Purple Tac consles). Now sure if you have points in kenetics...
DHCs will never crit as hard as torps, and "DPS" is utterly meaningless when it comes to the latter.

I'm not really pushing for torps or recommending them over DHCs as far as the OP is concerned, I'm just saying that you're hugely exaggerating the weaknesses of kinetics. The trouble comes from TT and shield dissipation, their base damages are fine.

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