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Originally Posted by varool View Post
saw prometheus the other day, left more questions then answer, but it is a good tie up to alien films.
And if you watched after the credits, it led up to yesterday. 10-11-12 and the official FB page did something based on the film.

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planetes (series), bladerunner (movie), appleseed (movies), ergo proxy (series), redline (movie), total recall (movie) trying to stick to the grittier outlook types. several are anime titles...while western tv/movies don't often have much it's pretty popular in japan.

if you don't have objections to watching anime i'd also recommend:
a certain scientific railgun and a certain magical index. fred saberhagen like mix of worlds. science and technology vs magic. (series) while some of it can be fairly light-hearted...there's a consistent undertone of what lengths people will go to for power.
ghost in the shell...though heavy on social commentary >.> (series and movies)
king of thorn, apocalyptic sci-fi (movie)
akira (movie)

since i'm late to this thread everyone else has already posted what i would have >.< besides the few above. of those, only planetes and redline actually have any spacecraft. rest take place on a single planet albeit in futuristic environments.
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Originally Posted by captainrevo1 View Post
New battlestar galactica is you like gritty
babylon 5 if you like epic
farscape is you like a bit quirky
lost if you like mystery (not true sci-fi but it has certain fantastical elements to it)
fringe if you like x-files with a bit more humour
stargate sg1 (then atlantis and universe) if you like light hearted adventure.

or all of them if you're like me.

keep in mind that not everyone starts brilliantly (think tng season 1) so some of them you have to stick through a certain level of dodgy stuff but every one of these series is very enjoyable.
If you think Farscape is "quirky", and it was... loved that show, try LEXX! Now that was a quirky but WONDERFUL series... till it jumped the space shark it's last season.
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The best of the best has to be

Babylon 5

It's a saga the first episode is tied to almost
Every other episode

It's a complete story not 50 story's I'n the same

Must be watched from the beginning can't skip

5 stars I'n my book
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Personally my favourite has to be Babylon 5.

I'd recommend sticking to that OP. Great lore, great themes, great characters and character depth, and loads of great episodes.

If you do decide to give that a go, I'd recommend watching the the prequal movie "In the beginning" followed by the pilot movie "The Gathering", and then the series (The way I've listed it is in chronological order for the B5 timeline).

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I'd recommend Seaquest too. All seasons can be a bit hard to find on dvd, or even vhs, depending on your region. =(

um, Cleopatra 2525 was a bit of fun too as well (sort of set in the matrix era) as well as Space Precinct (ah beat me to it garaks31 ^^).

Earth 2 was decent too.

No mention of Earth - Final Conflict yet? Another Roddenberry inspired production.

Oh man, the 90's-00's were full of shows like that.
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Originally Posted by garaks31 View Post
seaquest , farscape
Seaquest, aka underwater startrek.I hadn't thought of that show in years! Farscape...evil muppets in space,loved it too! How about SPACE 1999? (70's cheese)Buck Rodgers? (early 80's cheese)or LEXX (late 90's cheese).
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It doesn't appear that anyone has mentioned "Blakes 7". Old 70's British Sci-Fi series. It had the cheesiest special effects you've ever seen but made up for it (in the opinions of legions of fans) with excellent writing, great characters and some fairly spiffy costumes... made it easy to ignore things like; space ship models on strings, 2d space ship cutouts, obvious cardboard sets and rubber monsters heheheheh
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