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For the last few months I have been having a very serious problem every time I am involved with a large scale challenge match (18-20 players). After the first one or two deaths my keyboard becomes useless within STO. The game gives no response whatsoever to keyboard commands, yet the keyboard works fine for all other software, including teamspeak 3. I can't even hit escape to leave the game. Mouse commands continue to work fine as do all other game functions such as sound and graphics.

I'm running Vista with server pack 2 and the program is set to run as administrator. I have done a complete reinstall with no improvement. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? Any idea what i can do? I've had no response at all on my tickets.

Since my fleet meets regularily with an allied fleet for these matches, it really sucks to be an ongoing hopeless duck! I can't even fire my weapons, and flying with the mouse is not really my skill set...
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