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My fleet just loves its starbase. We hold meetings in peace and get things done with a complete absense of juvenile behaviour from random griefers trying to simulate sex acts, or other distractions, intended to get a rise out of us.

But there is still this problem. Wherever we hold our meeting within the base, there are NPCs that grief us. They walk into you while you deliver your inspirational speech to the fleet. They stop in front of you while you deliver your latest report. And do they ever love to mess up the team screenshots!

Our favourite place for meetings is to gather around the big white circle in the space outside the transporter room. So I was wondering, would it be possible devs to please change the walking patterns of the npcs? Either get them to avoid this area, or give us some sort of command so that npc activity can be disabled during our meeting times and later re-enabled.

The fleet starbases are fantastic, and the activity is nicely emersive... right up until some crewman gooses your toon during an after battle report!
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