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10-14-2012, 11:47 PM
Well, we must give the engineer something decent to fly... So I made following MVAE build, which has good spike dps.

Fore: 2x dhc, 1xDBB, 1x quantum
Back: 3x turret
I prefer using disruptors because the proc is usefull for the impacting torpedos.

Cmdr tac: BO1, APD1, APO1, APO3
Lt tac: HY1, BO2
Ens tac: HY1
Lt eng: EptE/A, EptS
LtCmdr sci: TSS1, HE2, ST3

Purple Doffs: 2x development lab scientists, 2x damage engineer, 1x ?? (torpedo, shield distro, evasive conn)

Because the engineer has some self heals/resist, he can give away his sci based heals. Especially science team 3 can be used every 15 seconds with the 2 lab scientists; and it can clear those nasty SNBs. The engineers EPS/nadion is good to reduce energy drain from BO. With the 2 damage control engineers you have almost 100% uptime of shield and aux/engine power.

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