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Specifically, the "free VA ship token" one.

1. Is the token one per toon, or is it one per account?
2. Are all VA-level ships available via this token, or only the ones that were released back when the token was released?
3. Is it "retroactive" for all existing toons as well as all future toons, or does only a handful of toons get it?

Reason I ask: I'm eyeballing a handful of C-store ships for my account of 6 active (at this writing) toons. Specifically, the Atrox (for a sci), better cruiser for my engie (getting him out of the meek Gal-X I tried out for him), and my 2 Klingons. I'm not too terribly concerned that the VA tokens might be "character bound", as I rarely "cross-class" my characters - so missing out the ability for my Sci to jump into the Engie's "free Regent" isn't high on my list of worries, I rarely slot my Sci or engie in the Armitage I already own for this very reason...

So, if I were to go LTS instead of buying all this on the C-store, I've already "covered" $100 of the $200 sale price. Add in the token I'd get for my Sci that's in love with his Recluse, the Tac that loves her Armitage, the 2 character slots from the VR program, and C-store boats for them, and suddenly I'm up to $206.25 in spending. Figuring that one of those 2 "new" characters will be a liberated borg (another $6 in C-store value) and the BOffs/pets/yacht/costumes/costume slots/ship slots/etc. and suddenly coming up with the scratch for an LTS is cheaper than piecemealing all this together...
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Still at it. CBS "restrictions" fell by wayside with freebie Breen. Time to re-examine ENT and ToS at tier 5, repurpose the Connie into Sci and rebuild an Akira escort into the "NX". 6 "eras", spread evenly over all the classes...

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