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Are the placement of pivot points (or turn axis, as some people refer to them) a model/art issue?

If so, is it even remotely feasible that these could be adjusted?

It feels like this is a part of ship performance that is critical, but is largely outside of the realm of the systems team.

The issue is most noticeable with Escorts, but its also why so many people complain about some larger ships.

Here's an example of some ships with poor to mediocre axis placement that are designed to use 45 degree weapons (making the pivot point critical):

Poor/Mediocre Axis
  • Raptor Class ships (and one of the worst off in terms of performance loss) - Base Turn rate 15
  • Adv Escort / MVAE (not as bad as the Raptor, but not as good as some of the ships I'll list below) - Base Turn rate 16
  • Temporal Destroyer (roughly similar axis to the MVAE) - Base Turn rate 15

Here are some examples of ships with very good turn axis:

Good Axis
  • Guramba Siege Destroyer (outside of siege mode) - Base Turn rate 15
  • Patrol Escort (and all versions of it) - Base Turn rate 16
  • Armitage Heavy Escort Carrier - Base Turn rate 15

You'll notice several ships on the Good Axis list, have the same turn rates as ships on the Poor/Mediocre Axis list.

The problem is that a ship like the Guramba has the same turn rate as the Raptor - but the Guramba is much better at keeping its 45 degree Dual Heavies on target due to the placement of the axis.

This holds true for the other ships listed as well.

These are not new issues, these issues have always plagued some ships - but moving forward I really feel this needs to be taken into consideration, especially with high end pay for items like the lockbox ships, and if possible a review of the ships with poor pivot points and possibly adjust?

Full disclosure: I know absolutely nothing about what it takes to create the (or edit) ship models. If you reached into your pockets and pulled out a handful of lint you'd have a good comparison to the sum of my knowledge on this.

Maybe what I'm asking for on previously existing ships is not technically impossible but realistically unfeasible. It is something that going forward could definitely be taken into account.

For me, opening up my new Temporal Destroyer and finding it's axis to be in the mediocre zone was less than thrilling. It's still a great ship, but I think its unfair for some ships to under-perform based on something like this.

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