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10-15-2012, 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
Speaking for myself, I disagree with the notion that my mandate is to help PWE bury threads or that I'd ever hide a thread just because I don't like it.

My personal mandate is to enforce Forum Rules, promote a Community that people enjoy being a part of, and help to improve and focus feedback. Every moderation I do is to that end, to the best of my ability.

That said, syberghost is right... I'm not paid to do this and my time and energy is limited. If I see it, if I have time, and if I have the proper (fair) mindset while I'm reviewing a post or a thread, I'll moderate it.

As to why the thread was merged... I didn't do it and don't have an explanation. It's not unreasonable, given the topic.

I think PWE might be open to bringing back the in-forum "Report Post" functionality. It would certainly help us find things that need moderation before they get too far gone.
never said it was done for pwe, and you've also kind of made my point for me. topic was merged, it was not a good reason since the post wasn't just about support tickets. you've also defended the merge even not knowing the reason for it...mods must display a unified front eh? that's the whole problem with choosing people to moderate from the player base. they can rarely remain completely above friendships they've made.

then there's fleets they may be in, groups they run with in game, etc. favoritism and a blind eye. this is from an objective perspective, not accusations directed at you in particular mind.

mods may allow posts that are clearly trolling, inflammatory because they know the person posting. excuse it by telling themselves 'that's just how they are they don't mean anything by it' or may even agree with what the poster says...even though it could have been phrased differently but that gets over looked. then there's not wanting to censure someone popular, who has a following. fear of reprisals in game, or at least 'why u mod me man'.

nothing wrong with volunteer mods if
no one knows who they are in game and they don't advertise they are one.
no one knows who they formerly were on the forums.
they treat everyone as a potential troll/flamer.
if they are anonymous in both arenas then it makes it that much easier to maintain impartiality. if they view everyone in the same light, then it's easier to mod when required and much less likely to let things slide because the poster is someone the mod knows.
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