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10-15-2012, 03:32 PM
Since we're sharing builds, I'll share mine as well:

Com Engineering: EPTW1, RSP1, EPTS3, AtSIF3
Ensign: EPTS1 (Until I can get some blue Doffs, then it becomes ET1)
LTC Tac: TT1, CRF1, APO1
LT Tac: TT1, CRF1
LT Sci: Polarize Hull 1 , HE2


4 Tetryon Dual Heavy Cannons ACCx2 MK X1
4 Tetryon Turrets ACCx2 MK X1

Equipment: Borg (Deflector, Engine), KHG Shield MK12


Tac: Tetryon Pulse Generator MKXI x4
Engineering: Neutronium Armor XI, 2 RCS Accelerators MKXi, Plasmonic Leech
Science: Flow Capacitor MK XI, Borg Console

I love the Fleet Torkaht. I pit this thing against Escorts and although they can outturn the Cruiser, it can go toe to toe with them without feeling like a Slug. I had escorts pilots compliment me for the great fights they have against this ship. I even took on 2 or 3 Escorts without dying.

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