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Originally Posted by echodarksided View Post
I have both ships and the lobi set. Of the OPs original list, only his concern related to #2 regarding the cooldown of SNB is valid. #1 is silly, and #3 is a situational, circumstance specific gimmick only with numerous counters that may work once unless the opponent has no counters to mines in their build.

The Temporal set + lobi set gives up a lot for a handful of gimmicks that do tie up 3 console slots, and when those gimmicks are on CD the ship is basically a weak sci ship or weak escort.
I believe that if you actually read my post carefully, you'd come away from it knowing that I also think #1 isn't worth worrying about. Furthermore, the problem with the time freeze is that it overcomes the standard anti-mine counters, and that is what I'm concerned about.

As to the second: taking impulse speed from 21.43 to 8.91, and reducing SNB cooldown to 70 SECONDS (just did some testing for hard numbers) at the optimal recharge, allowing for a very intensive pressure sequence. This is quite simply bloody well unacceptable from a balance point of view. Doubling the recharge speed of something like this, part of the time, has profound implications. Borticus, I know you recognize the power of buff-stripping based on the work with the SNB doffs and those discussions. This is an even bigger balance concern simply due to the fact that SNB isn't a random element, but rather a controlled one that just received a massive, massive buff. Please give us some indication that you're at least aware of what a significant issue this is, and that something appropriate will be done.

EDIT: More numbers, courtesy of one of my fleeties:

As snb is a 2 minute timer, we can safely say the most times I can possibly subnuke in a 20 minute period is 10 times.

With the lobi temporal warfare set, this number changes to 13 times in a 20 minute period, with seven of these SNBs also adding the AOE CD/Flight speed and turn reduction, which with a -233% recharge SNB puts a freshly used ability like xxx Team on a 3 minute cooldown, however when the snb is cleared they remain on a 1 minute cooldown as long as the field is still in effect.

This effectively allows for (if used at CD recharge every time) a subnuke every 90s vs a subnuke every 120s.

The set alone proc can obviously be avoided by distance, but with beam target engines + torp proc + beam proc, you can effectively reduce a target traveling at 21.83 impulse to 8.93 impulse. If this is done to a healer, evasving away and leaving your team stranded should not be your "only option".

SNB Timers using Lobi set, Odd numbered timers have temporal field active

snb 1 @ 0:00
snb 2 @ 1:20
snb 3 @ 3:20
snb 4 @ 4:40
snb 5 @ 6:40
snb 6 @ 8:00
snb 7 @ 10:00
snb 8 @ 11:20
snb 9 @ 13:20
snb 10 @ 14:40
snb 11 @ 16:40
snb 12 @ 18:00
snb 13 @ 20:00
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