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10-15-2012, 06:41 PM
*Dislaimer this is just a guess from my first glance at the numbers. I will have to do (and will) better testing to confirm or deny*

My guess would be that the multiplication is being done in an odd place inside the formula that causes the consoles not to scale as strongly with weapon power. The standard assumption for the formula would be something like this

(Base Damage + Skill Bonus Damage + Console Bonus Damage) * Weapon Power Multiplier

But in reality is is probably something really weird where the console bonus gets placed somewhere really odd. My curiosity is piqued.

Ok just came back from testing on tribble and granted I am using the tooltip values which may or may not be lying but I did not see anything that would explain your results.

The Test
Character with 0 skills that effect weapon damage. Using Mk 11 and an Mk 12 purple DHC and Mk 11 BA
@ 50 power level, numbers are in weapon order listed above
0 Console: 377.9 / 395.7 / 224.7
1 Console: 423.6 / 552.4 / 251
2 Console: 469.3 / 487.0 / 277.2

@100 power
0 Console: 755.9 / 791.4 / 449.4
1 Console: 847.2 / 882.7 / 501.9
2 Console: 938.6 / 974.1 / 554.4

I also tested the skills to see if they scaled properly with weapons power and they do. Also tested a combination of skills and consoles and they both added and scaled properly. So one of two possibilities exist, either there is something else going on effecting your results or the tooltips lie. Can you post the full gear/skill set of the toons?

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# 22
10-15-2012, 07:36 PM
Just to elaborate a bit on how the math does work from my understanding.

First, there is a base number that all damage is derived from. To find a weapons damage you use that base number, modify it by rate of fire, arc, mark level, and quality level. Futhermore skill bonuses and console bonuses also use THAT number instead of the weapon's number but are still modified by the rate of fire and arc but not the rest. As do some (not all) boff abilities which on a side note is why this game's scaling is completely messed up and it will break with a level cap increase or gear level increase but I digress. That leads to the simple DPV formula of:

(Weapon Base + Skill Mod + Console Mod) * Weapon Power Mod = Damage.

Which I have yet to personally see not to work.
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# 23
10-15-2012, 07:40 PM
Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
Ok, we have screenshots here and they show different prefire figures, however it doesn't explain the on-hit damage. Although consoles don't explain it either as I've just done the maths as follows:

Boost from 1 console: 170.3524

Console boost on retrofit: 26.2*3 = 78.6
Damage on retrofit (no consoles): 650.2

650.2*1.786 = 1161.2572

So expected damage prefire (with consoles) = 1161.2572
Actual damage prefire (with consoles) = 840.5
Difference: 320.7572

Console boost on Standard: 26.2*2 = 52.4
Damage on standard (no consoles): 650.2

650.2*1.524 = 990.9048

So expected damage prefire (with consoles) = 990.9048
Actual damage prefire (with consoles) = 788.6
Difference: 202.3048

So while the prefire damage increases for that 1 console I still find a hole in their maths. You can calculate it in percentages (as I have shown here) or in plain numbers (as I also have) and you should come out with the same results.

So either I'm wrong, after doing all my calculations 3 times in windows calculator, or the game maths is wrong, or there is a hidden variable
Your equipping the borg console (+5 weapons power) at the same time which will obviously mess up the math. I really should have looked at those sooner.

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