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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Well, they have to make economic decisions when running the business that STO is. The few hundred Ker'rat regulars won't feed their families.

But then again, how much work could fixing Ker'rat, could even making two more maps like it, really be?
Lets be honest here, they could have change the spawn situation and added more maps if they wanted. Instead they directed their focus elsewhere, whatever that's their perogative.

The real questions are, should it be "fixed" and would more maps help?

Some complain about spawning next to everyone else, but its an open warzone, designed with open pvp in mind, combine that with the fact that it resets after the mention at 3mins? Or so- I would say they left it like that on purpose.
I mean, when I'm kerrating, I notice that honestly most of the time the players don't care about the objective in the middle, they want to pvp it up in some unpredictable situations-its exciting like that-all the spawn does is force them to do it straight away.

So you've got the pvpers getting what they want right? Pvping, the respawn and price of death in there is a small amount of epeen but nothing else. (You can even warp out whilst dead ;/)

And if a player is saying "I'm just here for the dilithium :'[ PLZ don't kill mE!" Then why are they there to begin with, there are better ways to get dilithium without pvp involved. (Can't stand the heat stay out etc.)

As for new zones well, Kerrat is best when there are people in it and fighting becomes a glorious no holds mess, there aren't that many regular kerrat'rs so you add more zones the population will dilute between the zones and the pvp experience will diminish.

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