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I hear a lot of different opinions regarding advanced and elite fleet ground gear. Some people say that the advanced is more worth it than the elite, some say the reverse. I would like to know what are the big differences between the two? I would think that the elite fleet ground gear would be way better because they are "elite." Is there a big gap in power and abilities between the two? Thanks in advance.
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10-14-2012, 05:40 PM
Well, the main thing is, if you have STFs sets, the entire fleet items are pretty much not worth the effort performance wise. Ground items especially, space items is debatable.

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Originally Posted by lostusthorn View Post
Well, the main thing is, if you have STFs sets, the entire fleet items are pretty much not worth the effort performance wise. Ground items especially, space items is debatable.
I'd say the ground items are worth being your second weapon slot weapon.

I think a major improvement would be if they changed weapon slots so that everyone had two ranged weapons and one melee instead of two to divide however they see fit. I currently swap my off weapon between a sword and an Elite Fleet Disruptor Rifle between fights, with MACO Mk XI rifle as my primary for the set bonus.

I think STFs demand having rifles of two energy types for large sections whereas other chunks benefit from having melee. I don't think people should have to choose between having melee and a second ranged weapon in the offslot.

I also don't think range should be forced so much unless weapon ranges get equalized.

In general, I shoot for the Infected Optional with two rifles. When and if that fails, I swap to melee/rifle combo.

Then in the last phase, I go two rifles with a melee kit for finishing off Borg as I jump or if they respawn in the boss fight. It allows me to tackle threatening respawns without wasting any remodulations except against Rebecca.
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10-15-2012, 01:00 AM
Advanced have all energy Types
use old art assets
have a DMGx3 +1 random modifier

Elite are limited to Phaser (fed) / Disruptor (kdf)
use NEW shiny art assets
have a DMGx2 +1 *Elite mod* +1 random modifier

so the question is if you like a single DMG modifier or for example a CrthX mod (which is Critical Hit and Chance combined but with half the oomph of full one of both)

the Elite modifiers are the ones that every Elite weapon has,
Fed Phasers get something to reload shields by chance, over time...

KDF disruptors get something that can by chance instakill enemies with low health.

IMHO both of it gets lost in all the math flying around the battlefield, the shiny weapon skins are worth more to me than any of their stats.

And imho the Fleet Phaser Sniper Rilfe looks far better than the MACO rifle, too bad the MACO rilfe is part of the Set, so you will want to use the MACO Phaser and a different energy type weapon for STFs....

with the Omega Set you can use whatever Fleet Phaser you want, thats cool...

and of course the Klingon Honor Guard Set has a Disruptor, so same problem as the MACO set on the KDF side.

Elite Armors give health when your health is low, like once a minute, makes you a bit more tanky.

Elite Shields... ADAPT to incoming damage.

not sure if the adaption is worth much, usually shields are down in one or two shots anyway, not much time to adapt there and the adaption probably will not last long.
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10-16-2012, 10:02 AM
Well Zerobang, since Jayfresh's thread got merged with mine, you can look at the first page to know all the exact details of the new equipment.

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04-01-2013, 08:26 AM
I have a question.

My Fleet has these on vendor i have the required stuff to get them but it will not let me buy them is there something else that is required or enabled by myself? Thanks for any help
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04-01-2013, 09:06 AM
Some fleets restrict purchases to rank within the fleet. So if you are new in the fleet, maybe you'll need a promotion first before you are allowed to buy stuff. This is usually done to prevent ninja looters who just waste up provisions and don't actually contribute to the fleet.

You'll have to check with your fleet what the specific requirements are to advance. Some fleets make it dependent on time in the fleet, most on ressources contributed, it can be anything. Ask your fleetmates.

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