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10-16-2012, 08:39 PM
this probbably isnt the right place for this question, but is there a way to play STO on ipad 3 and ONLY ipad 3?

I've seen people do it with their ipad connected to a computer and stuff but if I only had my ipad + peripherals on me could I still play it?

the only problem I can think of is how to get it onto the actual ipad...
I was thinking that you could download the file on pc, burn it on a disc, make itunes upload it, and then just sync with ipad, but then again, it's never that easy.

I also heared it was possible using something called iswifter but I have yet to explore such things.


(it would be MUCH easier if those lazy devs would just make the game available in the app store FOR ipad....)

anyways, yeah. Thanks!

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