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[quote=carl103;6103881]I was arguing against the guy saying that the daleks had no sheild in the TARDIS.[quote]

But I hadn't seen that for some time, I remembered Jack using the normal gun on it.

Originally Posted by rustychat View Post
I honestly can't see the Cybermen beating the Borg on any account. The Borg adapt, the Cybermen do not. The Cybermen also do not innovate, or rarely do. Same with assimilating technology. While Borg assimilation might be'easier to reverse than Cyberman cyberization, assuming one has the technology, cyberization can simply be resisted by a person with a strong enough will, and can even then subvert the Cybermen present to their own cause, as has been shown. The Borg could assimilate a Cyberman relatively easy, a Cyberman would have a tough time cyberizing a Borg, least of all because they'd need to drone to sit there and basically let them do it. Then there's no telling what all the Borgtech left in the brain and brainstem would then do to the Cyberman body. My guess would be that it would simply subvert the cybertech, leaving a Borg-controlled Cyberman. I can't really see the Cybermen winning many victories at all.

But maybe Assimilation2 explains it. I haven't gotten a chance to read it, just seen little tibbits here and there such as the destroyed cube and the apparent Cyberman-Borg alliance.
Look at the Cybermen's costume changes in each episode, it's like they are evolving, there are certainly improving and innovating, the Cybermen from The Pandorica Opens and Closing Time had transporters.

And the wouldn't need to 'cyberise' a Borg Drone, just get it programmed to serve the Cyber Controler rather than the Borg Queen.
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