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So I'm not alone in this. I have been Lifetime for under 240 days. When the promo came out I got everything I was supposed to except for the Two (2) Character Slots.

Filed a Ticket. They said they looked into it and not only had I received it, but I was using them. I replied pointing out that I used Zen for those slots and all the numerous other slots and the fact that I hadn't even reach 300 days yet as well as that the last character I created was well before the current "Instant Vet" Lifetime Promo. ... The Response I got was that they considered it resolved and were closing my ticket and that any responses filed further on the ticket would not receive any response.

So I filed a ticket about the lack of the effort into the query... what response did I get? Looks like a duplicate ticket, we're gonna delete this ticket. All replies should be sent on the other ticket.

So, yeah, Thanks PWE. Convenient enough they sent me a survey about how customer service was. I rated it as accurately as possible considering that none of the available responses contained expletives.

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