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For a couple of months I have been reporting cheating to the staff here through the Request GM Help menu. So far, no response from the GM's. Completely ignored. Bots, adds and mods have not only gone unpunished as I've encountered the same players and player accounts in pvp over and over again, but the use of these cheat programs seems to be spreading. I have encountered more and more players capable of sustaining over 300k in damage without having to heal. Some of them deliberately flaunting the cheat by letting opponents in a 3v1 (in one instance I was involved in) continuously fire on them for minutes before bothering to engage them. And no, there were no members of their team supporting them with heals.

As a player who owns all Mk XII purple tac consoles on a tac officer in a Jem'Hadar Attack ship and is well educated on skill point distribution, it is apparent that the (unknown entity) in the combat log that is taking damage from players as well as dispatching them, is cheating. (my attempt to assure readers that I am not presenting this issue with knowlege gaps in this game's mechanics).

So the main cheat I've been seeing is the "invincibility." The "God Hammer" cheat is one I am unsure of as of yet. Mainly because on occasion I have critted for close to 100k. And the rest I would feel foolish to mention because I don't have much more than suspicion to go on. But has no one else noticed or submitted a ticket for similar issues happening to them?

My biggest issue is that staff seem to be taking a sideline. The abuse gets reported and the only reply is silence? Is Cryptic/Perfect World looking into this issue as a potential threat to the integrity of our game..., is anyone working in the quality assurance department? Has anyone else sent abuse reports that went unanswered? Have any of you gotten a response if you reported this as an issue? Can we get a response that this is actually an issue? Or even an explanation as to how the conclusion we've come to might be mistaken?

It's hard to believe that the cheating isn't prevalent when the players cheating are running adds that scrub the combat logs of their participation in these pvp matches. But I am willing to accept that I have overlooked something if someone could show me what I've missed.

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