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# 1 PvE Build Advice
10-18-2012, 02:12 AM
Following the changes to the Borg set pieces (and associated bonuses), I'm in need of some advice. (Original Thread:

I'm a VA Tac + Escort pilot, as it stands I don't really have issues with any PvE content (bear in mind I don't PvP and don't do STFs on Elite) - however with the changes, I'm wondering if perhaps it's time to shake things up a little with my build.

It's more the shield/engine/deflector combination that I'm looking for some guidance on.

As it stands - I run the following:
Borg Deflector
Borg Shields
Aegis Engines
Borg Console

The only reason I really run the Deflector + Shield + Console is to get the 2 and 3 piece bonuses of hull regen and shield regen, however I can't justify running the shields and deflector for just the hull regen.

So, assuming I keep the Borg Console in-place, also assuming my play-style is to have a balanced escort, one that can dish out reasonable damage, but doesn't 'pop' at unfriendly fire. (So, not quite a glass cannon, more like a plastic grenade launcher)

I've been debating to go back to full Aegis as I seemed to get on well with it.
I have Jem'Hadar Shield + Engine, but not deflector.

I've got no problem grinding to get anything if necessary, I will also soon (hopefully) have the Fleet Escort Retrofit instead of the Adv Escort Retrofit.

Any thoughts or advice of any kind would be helpful

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