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1) Tau Dewa was added to the galaxy map, but is not an accessible sector.

2) Borg STF set changes, including a new Borg 3-piece set.

3) Lack of MACO/Omega Force/KHG "free Mk X" vendors on DS9. (a Tribble-only feature, for those not familiar with Tribble)

4) 1,000 Dilithium cost to run "General Recruitment" at Starfleet or Klingon Academy.

5) There's a new "Embassy Provisions" pack buyable via the Replicator for 750 Fleet Credits.

None of these were mentioned in the patch notes that have gone out since pieces of Season 7 made it to Tribble a few days ago.

Devs, why are we not being told of all the changes? Do you want us to test and give feedback? We need to know what all to look for so we can help you with changes.
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10-18-2012, 01:03 PM
heres a thought, maybe theyre doing focused testing?

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