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Also known as, DEVS, if you were going to make season 8 completely and totally rock for me, this is how you do it.

So, story wise, there is one huge problem with STO, that being that the Federation and the Empire are at war with each other, but by end game, they are working together against the Borg, and now the Tholians. But they're still somehow at war with each other.

Mechanics wise, the problem is Raiding party and Diplomatic immunity, along with the diplomacy BOFFs and DOFFs you can get from the opposing faction. If the FEDs and the KDF are really at war, why would they tolerate their enemies? ships in their space or have officers working with the enemy.

Content wise, from everything we have heard, all end game content is going to be cross faction queues and such, so apparently next both FED and KDF will be helping out the Romulans. And some of the end game content already has KDF fighting itself (Orions, Gorn, etc).

I believe that all of this could be solved simply with one new mission from cryptic and a few simple changes to the spawn list for some missions. This mission would in short, detail the "end" of the FED KDF war to at least a state of truce and would take palce after the last mission that deals with the FED and KDF war, and after the Jem missions.

The very short version is that you are called to join a fleet of your faction in a large battle against the other side at some system. This is the big push, we're all counting on you, insert big speech about our way of life here. So, you arrive, and the fleets start to head toward each other when suddenly, something very very bad happens. Maybe the Borg, or the Undine, or Inconians, whoever but Borg would probably fit the best into the storyline, arrive and start to attack both sides, and suddenly you're somehow the surviving senior officer. You are contacted by your opposite number and you agree to have a truce to defeat the Borg or whoever. Queue second epic fight, maybe beam onto a Borg cube to help destroy it, whatever. At the end, you and your opposite number agree to carry word of this threat, and the truce you agreed to back to your leaders, and in the completion mission text, it is said that the leaders have agreed to uphold the truce and not fight. I don?t want a reward other than the mission itself, but if you have to put something it, give the KDF players a Tier 1 Miranda they can claim, and give the FED a Tier 1 Bird of Prey or something. I don?t care.

And now my attempts to respond to your questions before you ask them.

But what about all the other storyline missions that have the FED and KDF fighting?

Well, all of those have happened in the past, as much as STO has a past, so they're easy enough to ignore since this mission takes place ?after? them.

But what about the fleet actions and other repeatable missions that have the FED and KDF fighting?

Well, the KDF seems to have a history of captains doing their own thing, if they think it honorable or would result in enough glory, and in STO we have evidence of KDF houses attacking other houses even, so it?s not a stretch that some houses in the KDF would keep on attacking the Federation. You might have to change some text in Starbase 24 and the like so that it says a house fleet or something, but that?s about it. And for the missions when your KDF captain is attacking some fed outpost, like in the KDF raiding missions, well, what?s not to say that your house in the KDF told you to go out and hit them? Or have these missions be against the Terran Empire instead as below.

FED is a bit tougher, there are very few instances of Federation officers going rogue, so not much chance of an entire fleet doing the same to attack some KDF starbase or something. On the other hand, the Terran Empire uses the exact same ships, and they would have plenty of reason to attack the KDF, or anyone else for that matter. So just swap out the Federation ships in those repeatable missions for Terran Empire ones and you're good to go. I think this would be the only major bit of coding that would need doing besides the making of the mission.

And hey, we need more goatees in space.

What about FED vs KDF PvP?

Since they don't effect anything in the game storywise, just make then all combat simulations, copy the text from FED vs FED matches.

But I liked the war, why are you taking it away?

Honestly, I like the idea of a FED KDF war too, but its not supported by the game beyond the first set of missions, and it just gets more and more ridiculous with every new cross faction STF and mission. Put a fork in it, it?s done.

So, there's my idea. It might be ignored, but at least it was said.

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