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Let's start with a comment from Borticus.

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
As one result of the feedback we've already received in relation to this change, we're performing another performance review of all of the STF set bonuses, with a specific focus on the 3-piece abilities. This includes the Heavy Graviton Beam, Gravitic Anchor, and Mask Energy Field. All of these powers will be improved in some manner, along with an upcoming patch.
Here's some feedback on these.

MACO two piece is functionally irrelevant. -5% recharge would be good if there were other recharge powers available to stack it with. The only Recharge powers there are either have issues of their own (photonic officer) or are so powerful that -5% is drowned out (Tac Initiative).

Yes I know this reduces the cooldown of nearly everything, while that's certainly an interesting concept - but it remains a fluff concept at 5%.

Also MACO has combat impulse engines. Combat Impulse engines are terrible at VA level.

Graviton does nothing of value, and is on a 3 minute timer. The damage is too small, anyone who wants a crowd control power is going to build it in instead of relying on a single target 3 minute repel power.

Tet Glider is good, but it's also been nerfed heavily. I know this was, rightly, done for PvP concerns - but its now fairly weak against Borg, many of whom don't even have shields.

Gravitic Anchor is almost decent - the cooldown is too long or the duration is too short, or both. On top of this, it has a slow flight speed and -50 defense is completely pointless on STFs.

Switch the -Defense & -Kinetic Values, reduce cooldown to 90s and increase duration to 15s. Then it would be a really good power. Or keep the cooldown at 3 minutes, but increase the duration to 30s.

Keep in mind as implemented currently the resistance debuff of this power is weaker than Attack Pattern Beta 1, has a short effective duration than Attack Pattern Beta 1, is limited to a target only debuff (as opposed to buffing your guns like APB) and only debuffs one very specific resistance type (kinetic) whereas Attack Pattern Beta debuffs everything.

I know this power has other things it does, but the borg fly like they are mired in molasses and hitting them is not an issue even for builds with 0 ACC.

Tactical Readyness has some odd crew recovery and resistance bonuses (fluff), +25% torpedo damage. +25% torpedo damage is decent, but only if you use Torpedos.

Broadening this to include mines would be a good start.

I know archoncryptic has commented that you can't make all powers fit every build - but if you're making one-size fits all sets you should aim for broader use powers and not build specific ones.

Mask Energy Field, certainly wins hands down as least useful STF set power for STFs.

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