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10-18-2012, 10:57 PM
Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
So you think that the price of doffs are going to rise again from their post season six rock bottom prices?

The should rise as many are now worth less than before season six. Of course I don't think they will hit the common sensor doff max of $1.7 million

yeah I actually was able to sell a few common sensor doffs in the $1.6 million range
I am referring to common whites, and not uncommon, rare, or even very rare. I am looking at it from starbase project acquisition for tier porgression.

I use to buy them for 1k to 5K apiece - the prices for sensor white, medical whites are around 50K to 140K - with the upcoming news, expect for those doff prices to double or triple in value.

They will increase, its not a matter "If" but when. This will hinder starbase projects - I do not know if Cryptic is doing this intentionally to slow down fleets from progressing, or de-railing the entire system for some unknown cause enveloped in making even more money.

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10-18-2012, 11:01 PM
Originally Posted by stark2k View Post
I have to be honest, with this news I think I am done. The game is now Farmville of the outmost equation.

I love STO, but now it's no longer an MMO or even a game - Its turning into a nightmare virtual job. Starbases with now become near impossible to upgrade correctly - the new changes to the starfleet academy doff pack acquisition is going to make those much needed common doff in the exchange skyrocket in price.

They are currently anywhere from 50k to 140K - expect those needed common doff to double or even triple in price.

The possible removal or even time gated Dilithium acquisition for STF will slow things down alot or become more of a hindrance.

Season 7 has presented some of the worst changes to STO and has brought very little on the positive side.

I invested too much on a dead end game - 2 Lifer accounts, 40+ toons - most cstore ships purchased, and so on.... in the end we are getting hit hard with more tedious Grinding, while presenting nothing in expansion pack and storyline. Cryptic exploiting players to use the foundry to do their job, in presenting true content without a heavy price tag.

I'm soo tired and weary now - I have worked soo hard to help my fleet to advance in our starbase tier - and now all that will come to a sudden and a unbearable crawl with the doff dilemma. I'm sry guys, but now with this news, its just gotten me so worned out.

If anything I guess I'll just play the foundry missions only and nothing else, at least I can enjoy the stories of some of the most talented story telling players I've seen. Its a shame that STO is seveely heading deeper in the wrong direction. They are killing Star Trek Online.
Now that I have the starbase monkey off my back it's like a curse has been lifted from me - like I have been pulled out of a deep dark well. I hope by giving up the starbase grind you get the same feeling.
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10-18-2012, 11:05 PM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
There is only speculation why they are doing such a drastic move in cutting more of our Dilithium Income (STFs) and increasing the Dilithium cost of free DOFFs.

One theory has it that its a move to go after DOFF Farmers. Another, has it that free DOFFs are being nerfed to get people to buy C-store DOFF Packs or get DOFFs from Lockboxes. Either way, it's a lose / lose situation for all but the wealthiest of players.

Personally, I think Cryptic is shooting themselves in the foot. But can't help this this feeling that PW is intentionally trying to kill STO in order to get out of the IP and use their new foot in the door (Cryptic) to really open up the Western Market.
Like many of the people in-charge, involved throughout the history of Star Trek...

They just don't get it..., all They see is immediate dollar signs.

Which is all well and good, but they keep looking only at the short-term...

One would think by now that Somebody in charge, would envision just how really lucrative anything Trek could be, if They would just also take into account our love for and loyalty to, the IP...,

Instead of just how deep are our pockets or how full are our bank accounts.
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10-18-2012, 11:07 PM
Hi Captains,

I'll be passing this thread along to the dev team, so feel free to leave constructive feedback. Flaming, trolling, harassing material or anything else breaking the forum's rules will not be tolerated, so please watch your posts or you will receive warnings or infractions from the Mod team and myself. Now that that is out of the way...

Please remember that Tribble is a test server. As some of you have pointed out, many of these items are not confirmed/ subject to change. Changes on Tribble may not be final, and some elements may be incomplete. For instance, some of the rewards being awarded in some of the new events are lower than they should be. Tribble is a WIP and will continue to be until we are ready to launch Season 7. We will be taking player feedback into consideration as we look at further changes/ updates, so constructive feedback is welcome.

Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
I created a whole thread just the other day about them removing the "console clicks" for the investigate officer daily mission for 1440 dilth - community Mod 'syberghost' agreed that this "was" going to happen. Then Branflakes came on and posted that this was false and that we should stop listening to zone chat - then he close the thread.
I actually went back to this thread and re-re-read it. Looking back, I misunderstood what you were claiming the rumors were about and I apologize. No information about such change has been released so it's all pure speculation by the "zone chat trolls" (I lurk in there often and you should hear some of these rumors they make up to get players all riled up). I will say that Neverwinter is working on tech for Foundry missions where players will earn rewards based on average completion time of a mission (within a mission itself; the "treasure chest" you open at the end). TavernUGC.com posted this recap about it. There has been nothing decided at this time on how this will affect the "Investigate Officer Report" daily -- feel free to include feedback in this thread on what you would like to see/ not see happen if there were a change.


Brandon =/\=
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10-18-2012, 11:12 PM
On one hand if this is true, the value of stockpiled dilithium, doffs, and contraband will go up significantly when S7 comes out, so there is the potential to make some profit on the misery of others.

On the other hand, this does seem to be dropping at the same time TOR is going F2P(ish). Seems like a bad time to alienate a scifi mmo player base.
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10-18-2012, 11:13 PM
I agree with the OP, this is well beyond downright ridiculous at this point. It's too bad as these changes in previous seasons have already halted any progress I was making with my alts. I already have a job so really I only have time to concentrate on one character these days, all of my alts are wasting away. This is mostly due to the fact I can't grind fast enough to get the shinys that I want with them and if I could something else would change. The result of the increase in grindage has left me playing less and less hours per week as well and has left me jaded enough to stop spending my money on the game. The developer will have to realize people play games for entertainment, not to spend time in this sado-masochistic theme park that they have turned this game into. It's a shame because I really wanted the game to do well and stick around for a long time (and it really had the opportunity to do so), but the developer continues to take wrong turn after wrong turn. Our only recourse as players is to continue to let our voices be heard, whether that is posting here, not spending any money on ZEN, or not logging in at all. I just wish there was another recent and decent game based on Star Trek on the market to play, it's a shame ST:IS was cancelled. I guess I will have to go back to juggling between Armada 2 and Legacy for me to get my Star Trek fix.
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Originally Posted by daveyny View Post
Like many of the people in-charge, involved throughout the history of Star Trek...

They just don't get it..., all They see is immediate dollar signs.

Which is all well and good, but they keep looking only at the short-term...

One would think by now that Somebody in charge, would envision just how really lucrative anything Trek could be, if They would just also take into account our love for the IP...,

Instead of just how deep are our pockets or how full are our bank accounts.
You know, thats a really good observation that I honestly never even thought of.

There are many ways they could make the game fun and actually increase the player population and augment their coffers. But instead, it seems like PW is going with their Eastern Model of making short-lived MMOs, milk them dry, then move on to the next MMO to be milked.

So right now I have to wonder is this a smart business model in focusing on short-lived MMOs and milking them while they are "fun", or actually give players what they want and keep the ball rolling for the long term?
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10-18-2012, 11:20 PM
From what I'm hearing about season 7, it sounds like Marks only unlock the gear, you still have to purchase them. I really hope this doesn't means they get rid of the stuff from the STFs that we could trade in for Dilithium, because I got a serious hunch (with the dili tax on Fleet gear) that we are going to end up paying out more.
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Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
barely any dil from PvPing? really?...I make MORE dil in an hour of pvping than i do running a set of stfs.
I'm not including ground, as I don't ground PvP (for various reasons). Space PvP has, by my count, exactly 3 missions that reward dilithium. Kill Federation players, Kill KDF players, and get killed by players. . .and they're supposedly 'dailies', though I don't think they really are, as the cooldowns seem to take longer than 24 hours (if it even bothers to SHOW a cooldown, most of the time it doesn't). As I'm a purely KDF player who doesn't switch sides in Ker'rat or use N'Vak very often, the Kill KDF one isn't really applicable. That leaves about 1k dil per day I can garner out of space PvP. A pitiful amount, compared to the roughly 3k PER HOUR I can get by doing Elite STFs with a semi-competent pug team.

So, unless regular arenas started rewarding lots (or ANY) dilithium for completion without my noticing, or there's somehow a few PvP missions I haven't unlocked/haven't noticed. . .Space PvP dill rewards are pitiful.

Then again, this is a well-known problem amongst most PvPers. . .except for you, apparently.
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10-18-2012, 11:24 PM
Like other posters and Brandon just refered to - Tribble is a "TEST" server - they are not only testing game mechanics - they are also testing "us" the players - what kinds of reactions we have to possible changes.

I think Branflakes choice to leave this thread going for feed back is a wise one. As it is a way for them not to make a mistake that could seriously damage the fanbase of the game.

Personally I want them to keep making money - they need to get paid and make a profit - if that stops the game stops. The main problem with a F2P model is that a small portion of the player base has to subsidize the whole group. There is just no way around that without making more and more micro-transactions.

Personally I find i am a bit bi-polar when it comes to my feeling about STO - some days my posts are all Pro-cryptic(in a coment I made today in the down-time thread telling people to clam down and wait until Brandon makes a post - someone said it was Ironic coming from me - don't know exactly what that ment but anyways) Some days I am down and kind of negative.

That happens when you put a large part of your life into something. Heck I even start threads sometimes just to keep the forums active and pull people out of the woodwork because talking about something is better than people grumbling in quite.

Everyone here loves the game - if you didn't you would not bother posting - so don't give up just yet.

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