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# 1 Fleet Creation Help
10-12-2012, 11:13 AM
Im trying to create a fleet and orignally I was going to work with some of my co-workers to build our starbase but they are dragging or just not interested anymore and I'm tired of waiting. So I am looking for help in just starting a fleet for me right now. I know some of you will think I just want the extra fleet bank or other fleet perks but I dont need those things really I just really want to build my starbase my way. I was going to work with my co workers because we have known eachother a very long time and they know how much of a control freak I can be so it was fine with them. But now I just want to get started and build the base before anything else starts to come up. Besides loving star trek building a ship to a certain extent my way trying to make every ship I have the best it can be thats what I enjoy most that is why I am also addictted to games like simcity. So I just need four people to help me create a fleet and I will take it from there. Thank you in advance to anyone that volunteers to help me. Ive done all the story stuff multiple times and I am not much of a pvp player so this is a way to get me back into the game really. So just contact me at


Thanks again for your help
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# 2
10-12-2012, 11:29 AM
Not sure that you realize it ,but building the base your way sounds like you can customize where and how things go in base but this is not the case, All that you can control is what projects go next as far as where the stuff goes when fibished it is already there your just unlocking it.
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# 3
10-12-2012, 01:04 PM
I hope you enjoy grinding, one-man fleet is a real grindfest! Im on a smala fleet and I feel like grinding is all I do, hoping to advance the fleet construction. Also, you don't get to build it your way, all you get to do your way is choose what projects you want to focus for xp, then choose if you want to waste 200,000 dilithium to upgrade some visuals (like plants, bar, table...) and those are available only for a week.

Now if you still want to go ahead with ur 1-man fleet, go to ESD zone chat and request some help, be ready to offer compensation, usually around 100,000e.c

Good luck
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# 4
10-12-2012, 03:26 PM
I love Simcity. One of my favorites. However, building a SB is a far cry from SC. There is virtually NO customization of it's features. The SB of one fleet is essentially the same as the SB of any other as far as looks are concerned. There are some 'optional' aesthetics that can be unlocked for a price of 200,000 dilithium each. But other than that, they all look the same and have the exact same interior layout. The exterior looks different different depending on how far you have leveled the base. But, again, there is no customization. All tier 1 bases look the same. All tier 2 bases look the same.

Might I suggest joining an existing fleet? There are a number of good fleets here in the section of the forums. You are welcome to check out the 44th as well. We have almost unlocked tier 4 shipyard, and there is usually plenty of opportunity to contribute.
Come join the 44th Fleet.
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# 5 Shadow Ops Fleet Recruiting
10-15-2012, 08:13 AM
Shadow Ops Is A Tier 1(Almost 2 Fleet) On Star Trek Online Where Active Players Can Relax,Donate To Fleet,Recieve Rewards,Get Help & Just Have Fun If Interested See
Max Pain@djx2499 Ingame.

Members Atm: 79

We Have A Fleet Facebook Page Also: www.facebook.com/ShadowOpsFleet
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# 6
10-15-2012, 09:11 AM
If you want help starting your own fleet or need a few extra people to help out, I started a chat channel called "FleetofOne" just for that purpose -- if there are people on who have a moment to help, they will.

I've seen a bunch of fleets formed that way. And I always have an unfleeted alt ready to contribute.
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# 7
10-19-2012, 03:02 AM
Yes I know that mostly its just a series of projects spanning the three main career types and very little can be done to fully customize as of right now but its stll creating your own starbase something Ive thought of doing ever since i first watched star trek way back when TNG was new. and I know its a grind and thats fine one of my characters I got from level 7 where the duty officer system opened up to max level just by doing duty officer missions because I liked the idea of the duty officer system and have played the story content mission way to many times. There is talk about at some point making the base more customizable using the foundry but Im not too concerned with that. and than you @offtheecliptic for letting me know about the chat channel I have been trying on there no luck as of yet but I will continue to look and thank you to anyone else who can help me create my fleet so that I may build my starbase as soon as possible.

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