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10-19-2012, 08:14 AM
Originally Posted by tudenom View Post
Well this was a usefull thread until tutbb showed up with his straw man army and stomped all over everything, it's like his reply was meant for another thread or something?

Thanks for the feedback guys!
Amazing how the blind don't see what's in front of him/her. Death is due to ignorance while Victory is Life. It's OK. While you are dead and the Kang is being destroyed you might understand. 1 day.
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10-19-2012, 11:27 AM
What I'm trying to say here is that your posts aren't helping me or anyone else. You've given an answer to a question I never asked (ala a straw man arguement). I never once asked how to get more endurance out of my ship or how to use a battlecloak to give me an "I win" button.

I can boil it down to something simple you can understand:

"Can I squeeze more out of the battlecloak so I can maneuver more freely in a normal STF"

Apparantly the answer is:

"not really, unless the conditions are just right, and you have to be specced for it"

Thanks to everyone for their replies.

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10-19-2012, 12:06 PM
Aftyer re-reading your post a few times I see where you're getting at, sorry for getting a bit snotty. Allmost all of it I agree with. Here are the parts that stick out to me:

Originally Posted by tutbbsexcalbbs View Post
Cloak is a GREAT tool for some and a total waste for others.

Cloak is NOT a save your ass item as it can get you killed rather easily.

I NEVER uncloak in STF's with my B'rel other than the 2 seconds to fire torpedo's. Does this mean I am worthless in an Elite SFT? Nope. I normally always get purple in the end and normally instantly pop 3 negvars heading to the Kang, take a tact cube from 90+% to 40% that is if it even survives, or instantly take a gate from 100% to under 50%.

It's about understanding when to use and when NOT to use cloak. To attack the 3 negvars when they don't fire is OK. When they are near Kang and you drop cloak for 2 seconds your ass is had.

Get your head out of your fed thinking that a battle cloak solves everything as you have seen it does NOT. It takes the correct skills and abilities to help your teammates and do major damage using a ship that can cloak.

In STF's 99% of the time the boss is always after ME. 1 hit and my cloaked B'rel is *****! It is your responsibility to learn how to overcome this and believe me it is EZ to overcome and the best part is all you need to do this is HERE in the forums.
From what you've said I'm guessing you're using a cloaked torpedo ship set up that sits quietly until your teammates open up a shield facing and then you unleash with all kinds of tricobalt/quantum/transphasic mine torp goodness all tac buffed up to the max. This would also work well on unshielded targets like gates and stuff. This is a fantastic use of a BOP!

But, your strategy is contingent on playing with a good team that knows what they're doing. I on the other hand am playing more of a "shepard" role trying to keep a low experience normal STF PUG on track by saving the optionals and saving the kang from getting beaten up.

I've found that the key to this is not just "MOAR DPS!". I need speed, decent striking power, and some CC. I also need to be self sufficient and not rely on support since in a normal STF PUG I'm not getting any.

I was hoping that the battlecloak could help with this, but it seems that it's just not all that useful other than getting the %15 damage bonus occasionally.
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10-19-2012, 03:57 PM
Yes, there's no use in running away with battle cloak in STFs. If you're in trouble, cloaking drops your shields and makes their mega torpedoes hit your bare hull. Not a great idea. It's probably best to use it when you are about to do your alpha strike.

The B'rel torpedo boat can certainly benefit from a fellow team mate dropping some shields so the torpedoes could hit bare hull. But, it's not necessary.

I haven't really had any problems with the Borg spotting me when i was cloaked. Then again, I have 6 points in Stealth.

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