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10-19-2012, 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
Several people that have looked at the system have mentioned that the pricing looks pretty achievable. They would be correct. This system was designed to be relatively painless, and was based on actual data draws of the daily currency earn rate of the average player then only a fraction of that.
You have an interesting definition of painless. A grind over weeks or probably months to get the same gear that right now is only an STF and a bit of Luck away, and additionally stacking a dilithium tax on top of it where previously it was a potential net source of it is not painless. Calling it painless is exceptionally daft.

Mind, If it were an ADDITIONAL system, on top of the current STF system with NEW sets and I mean new as in newly made, not recycled and/or renamed probably nobody would mind as much. Gating gear readily available now in that way is just plain insulting.

Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
For a peak at the future, running two T5 xp projects will cost 8k dilithium total. So we're asking for 8k dilithium every 40 hours at the very top end, not too bad.
Not too bad under the assumption it would be for new content, but to unlock stuff that is available RIGHT NOW without any of these taxes is just again plain insulting

Originally Posted by salamiinferno View Post
Gear will cost more in line with the dilithium store as far as dilithium costs go, but for actually progressing through the system and earning the captain powers its very very achievable.
And here it comes. THAT is the main part of all of that. the rather easy to acquire equipment from the omega store is the main thing, isn't it?

Why do people not like the dilithium store? to expensive compared to borg weapons.

Why don't they like the fleet weapons? to expensive compared to the borg weapons.

So, the solution is not to make the dilithium and fleet store equipment more appealing, instead you gate and charge for previously free equipment.

As many other poster in various threads today already mentioned, monetization going berzerk.

You know, with that last piece of information you confirmed my suspicions that the whole system is not about accessibility, but purely for monetization and/or as a resource sink in addition to cutting off a significant income strain.

Same with the embassy, or the changes to the doff recruitment and grinder. Its price gouging nothing else, an attempt to bleed the playerbase dry.

But, you know what? My answer to this grind is simple: I won't. Indeed, If the changes go live like that I'm out of STO. What you do is turning something that used to be a game into a job as an accountant. I won't have any of that. I will reserve final jusgement until the final build is shown, but If there are not substantial changes to all of that thats it for me.

You have NO IDEA how much I now regret getting LTS during the last sale But even that won't hold me in a game that is purely about grind, grind to pay, pay to grind and then again on top of all the grind getting charged again. Oh and I almost forgot your shady gambling boxes, I hate with a passion too...

But one thing is certain, outside of STO I will NEVER touch anything with the Perfect World or cryptic label on it. ever.

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