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If you are looking for a well structured and organized fleet, keep looking, this is something else entirely.

I head a medium-ish sized fleet and we're looking for additional members to help with fleet projects, everyone who joins the Final Frontier Fighting Force will get:

-Invite privileges, bring your friends! Or not!
-Full fleet bank access, there is nothing good there anyway!
-Access to fleet provisions, as low as they are!
-A mostly T4 Starbase. Transwarp away!
-A mostly T3 Embassy!
-A fully T3 Dilithium Mine!
-A sorta turning into T3 Spire!

In return, this will be expected of you:


This is a fleet for people who want to get on the starbase game without the commitment or drama of a more traditional fleet. You want to play some STFs with your fellow fleetmates? Great! You want to be left alone and never ever say a word to anyone while you mull in a cave somewhere? Also great! Just contribute whatever you want to the starbase projects (or don't) and enjoy the benefits of membership.

I am online at least once every day, so send a mail to @DudeBGuy if you feel like joining or want more information, or you can search for "Final Frontier Fighting Force" on the fleet finder and ask any of the other members (they have no obligation to answer though, just like you would if you joined!). You are free to join up with as many mains or alts you want.

We also have a sister KDF fleet, The House of Cards, here's a link for pretty much the same information:

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