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# 1 changing things up
10-19-2012, 08:54 PM
Hello all.

Ive been flying my sabre for a while now in STFs and its getting a little boring so I thought I'd change it a little.

Currently I use:

4x Plasma DC
1x Plasma Turret
2x Tricobalt Mine Launchers (30 sec shared CD)

with C:RF II, AP:B III and DP:B II (all have 30 sec CD check out that synergy)

It does well. I like critting cubes/probes/generators for 300k+

Been thinking though I might get more burst out of this:

3x Plasma DC
1x Plasma DBB
1x Plasma Turret
2x Tricobalt Mine Launcher

or C:RF I, AP:O I, B:O III, DP:B III (not great cos AP:O has 45 sec CD not 30 like everything else)

It seems like in theory Attack Pattern Omega I + Beam Overload III + Dispersal Pattern Beta III could put out some serious damage.

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