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My fleet just started the upgrade project to Starbase Tier 4,

i just now tried a fleet mission to see the new base in action (shoots nice phaser beams all the time now, finally this thing is doing something to help! ^^)

but i noticed that because of the big mushroom like head the *target box* of the Starbase has gotten so HUGE to all sides that it blocks pretty much everything on the screen.

i use my Mouse 85% of the time to target specific enemy ships, i am unable to select any enemy ship that is *behind* the Starbase target box (including the empty space for kilometers around the base), instead it selects the Starbase all the time just because it's box is so big.

Is there any way in Hell that the targeting box can be reduced to the actual size of the Starbase and to not include the 10km space around it in every direction?

or maybe change the UI so that enemies are always the top *layer*even if a friendly is partially or completely covering the enemy in 3D?

if i press space i shoot a random enemy
if i press tab i need to press tab 5+ times to target the enemy that i want...

it is the same effect as in the Borg Red Alerts when you try to target a Borg Repair Drone that is hovering right above *B'Ger* you click on the Repair Drone but you target B'Ger....

just that it is like 10 times worse because the Starbase is even bigger than B'Ger, at least vertically, has an even bigger targeting box all around AND there are a lot more enemies instead of just the occasional repair drone.


this was tested on Holodeck

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10-20-2012, 03:10 PM

Perhaps another option would be to hold tab and then click. The game would target any enemy (if you set it to do so) the mouse is over, or would be over, within a threshold.
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