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Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits.
i7 2600 @ 3.4Ghz
16GB RAM (Corsair XMS3 1600mhz)
No overclock.

I have latest asus drivers, nvidia drivers and directx.
Windows is fully updated.
I already did a force check on STO launcher. No errors/corrections needed.

The problem:
Every time i get disconnected from STO Server and the game goes back to login again, it keep running normal, but when click EXIT and i move the mouse cursor, after seconds (like 3 or 4 secs) the machine freeze.
No response to mouse, keyboard, no response to anything and i need to power off the computer.

It only happen on STO and only in this situation.

It happen ALWAYS when there is a server timeout.
If i enter the game, then logout and go back to in-game login screen, and then click exit, it goes normal, no problem and no freeze.
Only happens when there is a server timeout.

I win the game with maximized windowed.
The game in full screen was giving me random IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (BSOD) on ndis.sys driver.
I think in this one the problem may be the network driver, but it is already in the latest version.
My windows installation is also new, less than 6 months.
I play a lot of other online games (not perfect world) and this never happen, only in STO.

The server timeout problem happened with full-screen too. (it did freeze like i said)
After changing settings to use windowed maximized the BSOD stoped, but the server timeout continue the same.

I noticed it also helped when i changed the network driver settings, the interrupt setting (IRQ) was in "moderate" set. I did change to normal use (no moderate interruptions). It is more stable, and i read this cause the network driver to use more CPU, but i don't care, i need it stable.

This may be a driver issue, or a STO issue, i really don't know, so this is why i am filling this post.

I also have a suggestion, if it isn't already done: Please make an option to the game automatically close the client when the server timeout stead of sending you back to login screen. I do prefer to use the launcher and this WOULD (i think) avoid a system freeze.

I know this is a little change, to fix something maybe not STO related, but as a STO player, this would help me, and also other players.

Simple as this:
If the option to automatically close the client on server connection timeout is set. And if the server connection retry does timeout. Stead of loading the in-game login screen, just close the game client.


Thank you for helping me.
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10-20-2012, 07:00 PM
Same problem, just got a new computer with onboard lan (EVGA X79 classified), and the server just doesnt want to respond to me. I cant change my speed at all cant enter missions get timeouts every two minutes. I know its a compatability issue because the game functions fine on other computers using the same internet. May try installing an extra lan card, which seems ridiculous.

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