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# 1 Give us some Horta Love!
10-20-2012, 10:44 PM
I for one would like to see our humble Horta friends get a makeover.

1) Combat abilities: Hortas are large blobs of sentient rock-lava. They weigh A LOT. They should cause damage simply rolling over people, as well as do heat/burning damage from contact. I would love to see my beloved Mr. Burns flying-leap-slam his targets.

That's another thing. I should be able to control my Horta like we control fighters at the very minimum. Ideally I would like to be able to assign targets for vigorous Horta-Loving... but would settle for a modified fighter-like control.

2) Hortas should be able to take insane amounts of damage before dying. They shouldn't just fade out, they should EXPLODE -- spewing lava damage everywhere. Assimilated Hortas should be nigh-impossible to stop, like Elite Tactical Drones.

3) We should be able to breed new types of Horta like we do with tribbles. Some ideas include:

* Ice Horta

* Aluminum Horta (better strength-to-weight ratio, does less crushing damage, but is faster/more durable)

* Triolic Horta

* Liberated Borg Horta

* Raw Sewage Horta

* and so on.

The breeding submechanic could be it's own mini-game/sub-grind with resources and skill-points to collect.

So how about it devs! Lets show the Hortas some LOVE and update our faithful companions!
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