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# 1 "Build a ship" suggestion
10-20-2012, 10:47 PM
Hey all.

Remember when you could build the Delta Flyer? Well, I think that an entire story arc based on building a ship would be really cool. That or the ship being built could be an add-on for a story arc.

Anyway, throughout different parts of a story arc the player could obtain different parts that would cumulate in a new ship being granted at the end. To make it interesting, ships of differing stats could be built based on what parts you select when building the final product. How do I mean? Here are two examples...

1) The ship is an escort with 4 tac consoles, 3 eng consoles and 2 science console. If you select more science based materials in the final build you might have 2 eng consoles and 3 science consoles, kinda like the differing models of Odyssey.

2) One building material might give you stronger shields but weaker aux power. Another building material might do the opposite.

To make it interesting you could have differing quality of materials, kinda like the differing quality of STF gear, however you can use differing qualities in the same build but you might not get as strong a ship as an outcome.

I acknowledge that PWE is not a charitable institution and that there would need to be some kind of return for them for such a system. They could either charge zen for a crucial component OR they could charge zen to 'mix' the ingredients at the shipyard. That would give the players something and PWE some revenue. Win/win, methinks.

Your opinions players? Devs, your thoughts on whether something like this would even be possible?

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# 2
10-20-2012, 11:35 PM
Actually this smells like grind, and Dilithium costs, so I see no reason for Zen cost related to it, as it would help inflate the Zen prices on the Dilithium exchange.

I suggested something similar back after Season 2, but was voted down epicly. Hope you have better luck.
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