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I've played this game since Beta with a few months off here and there . After the content drought between season 5 and 6 I LOVED season 6! Alas, now I'm bored and tired of fleet actions and grinding for our fleet starbase ... as well as making new toons. I know that alll of season 7 is not on Tribble yet but so far what I see I'm already bored with. I don't mind grinding (mmo's since 2002) but I need it to be different approaches to grinding and a lot of new hings to fill my time or I just lose interest. If the approach to season 7 is similiar to 6 with a few repeatable missions but no new ways to play I'm afraid your going to lose my interest by lat December .I'll wait and see what develops in the coming weeks and log on some more but this is my humble two cents for what it is worth...
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10-21-2012, 09:33 AM
I'd say that the lack of any "fresh" additions to STO will cause this to happen to other players too. The Rep and Embassy systems are just another form of what we are already familiar with and to an extent bored of and that is the Fleet system. It's all Fleet Holdings and Fleet Marks all over again just with a new name.

I'm hoping the Tau Dewa sector adds new additions to the game that are fresh.
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