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10-21-2012, 11:38 AM
The rewards the embassy gives are really far more interesting than the Starbase's ones! At least something everyone can use. I like the new romulan doffs and the idea of new science consoles, but i've a minor concern: diplomacy only gives operational assets and consumables, with science consoles on top of that. I don't see how I could convince my fleetmates not to prioritize recruitement, since few players will care about the science consoles the scis badly need.

So, why wouldn't you swap kits and consoles? There's something usefull for everyone in every facility, recruitement and diplomacy, if you do that. Otherwise very few people will work on the latter since the science stuff is rarely prioritized and since consumables aren't popular at all (you saw that with the lockboxes too).

Something else I noticed: fleet embassy provisions doesn't give any fleet credits when used in the special project.

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