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Last Day and a half i have been getting Booted from game on this mission.

If i team up with some body one of us all ways get's Booted.Does not happen when a single player does not to seem have an issue it is only when you have a Team.

The Issue here is when i go to enter any part's of the mission this happens when i am teamed up.I will get booted while being Transferred to the next map i get Booted all most every time.

And it seems this issue is all so happening on other area's of the game as well.Not just this one.

Only real time i see a Disconnect is when i am Teamed up with some one.And it is getting really really frustrating.I have never never had this kinda issue with this game.And like i said it is starting to frustrate me in a Very Bad way.Especially especially when you are trying to level new Toon's this is getting to the point where alot of people are getting effected bye this issue and the server's are not even overloaded.I mean come on there should not be any reason way this is doing this at all.I am a life sub and i have priority log in there should be no reason way i should be getting booted like this.

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