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# 1 Need a hand for a Vo'Quv Build
10-21-2012, 08:18 PM
I've hit a snag with my carrier. Can someone help me with a build and equipment/weapon suggestions?

NOTE: I have NO C-Store items for KDF, so no special fighters, take that into account.

My role in STFs: Crowd Control/CC using abilities like Gravity Well, Minor Healing with powers like HE and TSS

Preferred Weapons: Phaser Beams and Chroniton Torpedoes

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# 2
10-22-2012, 01:34 AM
Going by what I remember from my own Vu`Qov, here.

I seem to remember doing well with a mixture of CC and power drain.
Think GW, Tyken, Energy Syphon 1, Polarize Hull on one BO, TSS and HE on the lt slot.
Eng: EPtS, RSP, and maybe Aux2SIF. (Or extend shields, to taste)
Tac: TT, skill of choice, and Torp Spread 2 or 3.

You could also decide to go for AP:B in one of the tac slots, to spread resistance debuffs. I sometimes combine it with FaW, even, to debuff a group of enemies in a GW, and let them be torp spreaded and scatter volley'd to death.

This makes you virtually unkillable, nowadays, since the resists of PH, TSS, HE, EPtS and Aux2Sif (and BFI) all stack, potentially, so you can have mad resistance whenever you like.

Hangars, I generally had two BoP's slotted, with the Syphon Pods on standby, to be switched in for cubes and stuff. But I'm sure there's other stuff that works nicely, here.

I do know that simultaneously dropping ES, Tyken's, Subsystem shields and the Syphon pods made short work of a cube's shields and (energy) damage output ^^

Edit: Chronitons are nice in this build, as it discourages escape from AoE hazards, and the phaser procs are nice too. Alternatively, add more drain with polarons. Also: 125 aux power, for max damage and healing. I found shield and engine power at 25 was fine, with all the effiency bonusses going around(pushed 25 up to 45, I think), seeing as the damage resists prevented most damage anyway.

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10-22-2012, 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by burstdragon323 View Post
I've hit a snag with my carrier. Can someone help me with a build and equipment/weapon suggestions?

NOTE: I have NO C-Store items for KDF, so no special fighters, take that into account.

My role in STFs: Crowd Control/CC using abilities like Gravity Well, Minor Healing with powers like HE and TSS

Preferred Weapons: Phaser Beams and Chroniton Torpedoes

OK, I'm going to assume that you don't PvP, if I am wrong in that assumption then please correct me. Also, what class are you?

As a general rule, you don't want to put something that has a limited arc on a big ship and then mix it with a larger arc weapon (like beam arrays, unless I'm mistaken and you're using DBBs, then we have a problem) due to how they are most effectively used. What I mean by that is that to get the most out of a beam array setup you need to broadside your enemy so as to make sure you're dealing the most damage possible, however to make use of that torpedo you have to swing your front around and stop half of your weapons from firing. Anyway though, there are methods of keeping it if you absolutely want it but that's for another post...

There are a couple of ways that you can provide effective support with the Vo'Quv in PvE, this particular build will take things to a bit of an extreme as you'd need some doffs to make it work, but if executed right then you should be able to heal your teammates and add to their damage in PvE (and I'll explain why I said what I did after, and mind you there are many alterations you can make):

-Lt. Cmdr:
--Tac Team 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1, Fire at Will 3

-Lt. Cmdr:
--Emergency Power to Shields 1, Auxiliary to Batteries 1, Extend Shields 2

--Transfer Shield Strength 1, Hazard Emitters 2, Gravity Well 1, Tractor Beam Replusors 3
--Science Team 1, Hazard Emitters 2

-2x Birds-of-Prey (dps)
-2x Shield Repair drones (pure healing if you decide to walk into PvP)


I said that you need some doffs to make this work properly, otherwise it's going to crash and burn. There are 2 types that you must have, the first is the Technician doff that applies to Auxbatt, the reason is that the doff in question will reduce the recharge time of all of your Bridge Officer skills when you use the Auxbatt skill (by 10% with the purple doff and you can have up to 3). The other type is for the Extend Shields, and it will improve your resistances when you use Extend Shields, as well as the resistances of the person you're extending (name escapes me, I'll look it up later and update).

Best case scenario, you have 2-3 Purple Technician (Auxbatt, not the other kind), at least 1 Extend Doff (sorry, really drawing a blank with this one, I can't remember if you can 1 or 3 of them), and 1 Shield Distribution Officer for defense. That way, you're keeping your resists at a nominal level as much as possible, and keeping your abilities on a shorter cooldown.

Now, why did I say the abilities that I did....

From the tactical point of view, you want to be able to assist your team's dps output, even if yours is bad. For that reason, I put in Attack Pattern Beta and Fire At Will 3, that way you'll be able to hit multiple targets quickly and apply the APBeta debuff onto multiple targets, thereby improving your team's overall dps output. Additionally you have Tac team for your own defense, or for the defense of your teammates, so use it wisely....

From the Engineering standpoint, you'll need defensive measures so you've got Emergency power to Shields 1, and though it isn't that great for big ships like the Vo'Quv, when used in combination with other defensive skills, you can't go wrong. Next you've got Extend Shields 2, which if you have the doff(s) for it, then you'll be able to assist in your own defense, while protecting your teammates. Finally, Auxiliary to Batteries will do nothing for you other than to reduce the cooldown of your abilities, so use this as often as you've got important stuff on Cooldown, though it should be noted that you need to use it after you've fired your other abilities as the reduction only applies to abilities currently on cooldown when you fire it.

Now from the Science perspective, for healing you've got two copies of Hazard Emitters 2, which gives you solid hull healing support, as well as shield support with Transfer Shield Strength and Science Team. Keep in mind that using Science team will also put Tac team on cooldown and visa versa so use the team skills as wisely as possible. Now offensively your gravity well will help you keep some of the NPCs under control, and if you need to clear out stuff in a hurry you've got Tractor Beam replusors to any and everything away from you while hitting fairly hard in the process through shields.

I should also note that with TBR3, you can use it on any object and cause damage to it, so if you're right next to the Borg gate(s) or nodes then you can hit TBR and give yourself a little extra DPS.

Anyway, hope this helps you, but that's just 1 build, if it doesn't work for you then we can come up with something that's a bit more to what you want to do.

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