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I'm putting the word out, it's been a couple days since it came out, but I wanted to let every Klingon fleet out there know this:

Get the current featured mission for the Starbase, it, unlike any other special project so far, is, in fact, useful.

Even if your fleet does nothing else with the Starbase or Fleet system at all, I highly recommend this.

This upgrade adds a bloodwine fountain to the bar area (along with some other stuff), but this large bowl of bloodwine allows you to make a 'toast' when you drink from it.

At the very least, it's really cool to have a whole bunch of people stand around it and toast at the same time.

However, on top of the emote, the toast provides a ground buff for an hour depending on which of the three toasts you do. You can only have one active at a time, and I dunno how they stack with other things.

Victory: Damage buff (I'm guessing it's all damage, not just ranged)
Glory: Health Regan buff
Honor: Damage Resistance buff (all damage resistance)

I didn't see any extra effects, like critical hit or critical severity buffs, so I'm guessing it's just those three. They're not huge increases, but I feel they're worthwhile.

Still, I feel this is probably the absolute best featured project they've ever had for the Starbases, and I highly recommend getting this one for all KDF fleets out there.

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