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10-22-2012, 03:11 AM
Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post

Your telling me you can take your pvp character
Ship and gear Boffs and doffs

And you can out do another character you
Create I'n damage I'n a STF ? With the same ship
But doffs Boffs and character to do extream damage
When you do not need all those defense skill points
You have to use I'n pvp

Is that what your saying ? That's what I am saying

If your saying the avg pvper is a more skilled
Player than the avg pver I agree 100%

I stand by what I've said many times already
A pvp team I'n pve

Will be out done by a pve team I'n pve

Skill at game roughly equal

If you disagree I respect your decision
But it doesn't change the facts
except you havent presented any facts. you have only said "pve team beats pvp team at pve" and i have argued that to not be true. and even challenged you to prove it with a video of you and your pve team making a run on an stf and then a pvp team would do the same but faster.

im saying that pvp'rs take all the points they only need to deal the maximum damage with the gear theyve choosen and still have points for other things.

thats the beauty of the pvp build compaired to a pve build. for example- a player may like the lookl of rainbows but it will not do anywhere near as much damage as a dedicated build to a specific weapon type.

ill state this again. tell what youre using except your skill tree and i can say that a pvp team will probably take whatever youre using and do it better. why? because they wont just fill up the tactical tree. theyll take what they need to maximize for the build and still be able to put the points needed into defense. so they can then do your job and do pvp.

yet all you can do is pve? what a waste of points.

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