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Two videos from the weekend. Enjoy, find useful or not - but please leave feedback either way:

Talkin' 'bout my reputation

- Interesting adaptation of the Starbase system, but I want to see gear prices before forming any definite opinion on it. Starting to ownder about the balance of resource sink vs resource generation though, and some of the missions are (I sincerely hope!) placeholders.

Oh what tangled webs we weave

- A little too much of a dps race, imo. Can't help but wonder if there are going to be longevity/class prejudice issues with this in the longer term as people work out that anything other than an escort in this mission is probably suboptimal.

- Cutscene probably needs a lighting pass for the interior scene

- The map somehow missed the huge starbase in the middle. It's not like it's the quadrant's best kept secret lair anymore.
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There is no reason why any cruiser or science ship can't solo save those ships, this is very similar to blockade where escorts aren't the ideal ship. Think they got this one wrong... utility to push out enemies is important, as long as your ship is pulling 3k dps which is fairly trivial you shouldn't be struggling with any part. The biggest challenge is the exact same challenge as in a PUG of blockade, every ship is going to follow the person that knows what to do, which is exactly the wrong thing. 90% of players aren't capable, independant or leaders and this forces them into that, and they will fail. I imagine fleets will 10/10 part 1 without much hassle. Part 2 is going to need further sturdy on patterns to get optimal methods.

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