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A thought occurred to me this morning that grew rapidly into a brilliant idea (or so I'd like to think), And I'm curious to hear others' opinions on it.

Basically, it started as a humble question: why do the Devs go through the effort to design and implement completely new ships for the C-Store/Fleet Store/etc. when there are perfectly viable designs already ingame as NPC ships, standing and waiting as perfect C-Store fodder?

For example, the Typhoon. It's been here since launch (IIRC), people have requested it for as long as I can remember, and the Devs have always responded "maybe," or "not for a while." Why? It's a popular ship, and all it really needs is a facelift. No concept designs, no approval by CBS (save maybe to decide if it should be playable), just a CG-makeover and it's ready to go.

And then there's the KDF's allies' various fightercraft. The Orion Interceptor, the Gorn Naga, and the Nausicaan Stinger. Not to mention the Orion carrier-pet shuttles. Starfleet outnumbers the KDF in regards to small craft by a very nearly 3-to-1 ratio (the KDF has 4, while the Feds get a staggering 11). For a militant faction like the KDF, it makes sense to have a bunch of fighters anyways.

Now for the KDF's NPC big ships. The Orion , Gorn, and Nausicaan frigates, cruisers, and battleships (I have big ideas for the dreadnaughts, see below). The frigates could be Commander-level ships, the cruisers Captain-level, and the battleships Brigadier-General-level. Easy enough.

Now for the big ones: the dreadnaughts. The Starfleet Jupiter, the Orion Warbarge, the Gorn Balaur, and the Nausicaan Ravager. These shouldn't be anything less than VA/LG ships. Furthermore, I remember a Dev (can't recall whom) stating in an interview a while back that they wanted to do "broadside-capable" ships. How about this: instead of implementing a completely new type of weapon slot for port/starboard weapons, why not a weapon (specifically some type of cannon) that can be slotted fore or aft (as usual), but has two 90-degree firing arcs angled out the sides of the ship? You could call them "Broadside Cannons" (just a suggestion), restrict them the the aforementioned four dreadnoughts, and even put extra ones in the D-Store, a la the Galor's Spiral-Wave Disruptor Arrays.

Honestly, not to sound like a fool, but I would pay GOOD ZEN for any of these ships (please, though, no lockboxes). What do you all think?

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