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For this thread, I like to focus exclusively on the Buffs and Equipment of the Reputation system.

Originally Posted by Romulan

Tier 1: +3% Critical Chance (Ground) or +30 Weapon Proficency (Ground)
Tier 2: +3% Critical Chance (Space) or +30 Weapon Training (Space)
Tier 3: PSG Shield Heal or 20% Knockback Chance on Critical
Tier 4: Shield Heal (Space) or 5% Chance to Placate
Tier 5: +100 Science Boost for 5 Seconds.
First off, isn't Romulan weapons Disruptors, not Plasma weaponry? They leave anti-protons, so why not a type of Disruptor with a weak Antiproton ability that can be used to reduce stealth? Surely that would be a popular weapon to fight Hirogen and Jem'Hadar.

The Tier 5 Science Boost, might be useful at certain times, but would it really be beneficial with 5 seconds to act?

But the Tier 4 Placate, I have to question this ability. Why a placate proc? It sounds like something counterproductive to placate a target while shooting at it, with the intention to destroy. Was the idea to reduce threat? Because most people will likely continue firing, making such a proc not very useful.

I think this ability should be rethought. Perhaps a 5% chance to have a severe Plasma proc by plasma weaponry? (This gives players a reason to use Plasma weapons).

With the Romulan Tier 3, I have to question the knockback proc. Currently in the STFs, a knockback during pulls is rather unpopular. Only time it would be useful in pushing Borg away from Nodes in CGE, knocking the Borg into the Plasma in IGE or off the ledge in ETH. But in normal combat, it could be a rather annoying ability, especially in Ground PvP.

Perhaps replacing it with a disruptor burn effect that reduces a target's accuracy?

Originally Posted by Borg:

Tier 1: +0.05% Regeneration (Ground) or +30 Weapon Proficency (Ground)
Tier 2: +0.05% Regeneration (Space) or +30 Weapon Training (Space)
Tier 3: Slow Borg Adaptation Ability or PSG Shield Regeneration
Tier 4: 5% Chance to Placate or Shield Regeneration (Ship)
Tier 5: Medical Nanite
Given the Romulan abilities, the first thing I have to question is these abilities only for Borg and Romulans or they are permanent power boosts? Because that could mean a player could stack Weapon abilities for a total of +60 in both space and on the ground.

And given Tier 3, I think players would likely spend points on Shield Regeneration since it would be useful for anytime (unless this only works in borg zones).

Tier 4, another placate ability, which with the Romulan Placate could mean %10 proc (unless there is somekind of diminishing return). So what could that mean for both PvP and PvE with such an ability?

Tier 5: Free Medical Nanites sounds like quite a nice tool. But what of ramifications in Ground PvP? Or perhaps it could make PvE easy (even on Elite?)

As for the Omega store, why is there no Borg DOFFs from the old STF Store? Why not Borg Medical Kit (yes I know you can get them still in Terrordrome)? Why not new kits that adds to the STF sets as backpacks? Surely a new Tactical and Engineering Kits would be very welcome.

And why no Borg Bat'elth? Is this weapon meant to be just a relic of the past?

But the biggest question of all. Are Reputation Choices 1-time or will we have somekind of retrait ability if we happen to choose wrong?

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