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# 1 Doff system
10-23-2012, 04:53 AM
You know what would be really, really great of you to do? This would help out with the fleet base's. With all the duty officers we are dumping into the base you could make it so that they could do something besides walk around. Have them generate Some dilithium that would go towards the base. I mean with all the special projects you have and all the assignments that need dilithium we could use some help with it. Its getting really hard grinding for dilithium every day. either cut back on dilithium assigments or give out more either way we need help. Your are raping us with dilithium projects. We can hardly make enough to support all the special projects and normal assignments and now with season7 coming out and the new reputation system you could do something that would help with dilithium. You are raping people more and more. If you dont want those that plat for free to play them switch it back over to pay to play. I cant afford to put money into this game.

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