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Hi all.

I haven't seen this posted before, so I thought I'd add it to save Cryptic face when this goes live...

On Tribble at the moment, the Task Force Omega Reputation XP missions are displaying some text from the Romulan Reputation XP missions. Also, on both reputation systems, you cannot read more than the first line of text.

And, the Omega Marks symbol needs updating from Fleet Marks...

Here's a quick image of the problem;

Picture of the big oopsie!

Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
-Sela now has a cape.
-She'll be starring in a 3-part miniseries on the Elements Network (Entertainment for Romulan Women) called "How Sela Got Her Cape Back". It's a feel-good story about women's empowerment and the importance of a good wardrobe for military leaders.

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